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CEO and Co-founder, Reusables.com HawkinsCEO and Co-founder,<div class="ExternalClass93A928E1B76C4AA6B6967671C943D70B"><p>​Jason Hawkins is the CEO and Co-founder at with half a decade of experience in food technology and circular economy. His first venture was a farm-to-table marketplace for students, which Jason started during his Bachelor of Commerce degree at Queen’s University and sold to a grocery retailer in Ontario. Prior to starting, Jason served as Director of Business Development at a large eGrocery technology company in Canada. Jason saw the damaging impact of plastic packaging waste on the coastlines, mountain ranges and cities during a solo trip to Asia when he was 18. From that moment on, he has been focused on using business innovation as a force to counter the global environmental challenge. Residing in North Vancouver, Jason spends his free-time in the trails with family and friends.<br><br></p></div>, Jason HawkinsGP0|#f96c6867-9f90-43b5-bc1f-d3867e4bc040;L0|#0f96c6867-9f90-43b5-bc1f-d3867e4bc040|Jason Hawkins;GTSet|#c31bcefc-bba8-4775-8a91-82f54b19d6e1;GPP|#93a21b23-c8e7-45c9-89aa-1864f4fcd24eJasonHawkins



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