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Founder and CEO, ShareWares IrwinFounder and CEO, ShareWares <div class="ExternalClassB32C8F4C441F400397BFA4AE575CD4EC"><p>​Cody has a strong connection and love for nature, as well as a powerful draw to technology and innovation. He was born on a remote farm in Manitoba and later raised in uptown Toronto. He went on to study Mechanical Engineering at McGill University and moved to beautiful British Columbia after graduation. For the last decade he has called Vancouver home. There he started his first venture, Natural Source, offering corporate food services for technology companies. Over 10 years he grew this business into a local industry leader, until the pandemic closed offices and Natural Source's client base almost completely evaporated overnight. As devastating as this was, it proved to be an amazing opportunity. By repurposing his company's resources, he was able to build ShareWares with goals of eliminating single-use waste locally and worldwide.<br><br></p></div>, Cody IrwinGP0|#c1e362bc-ba75-4c01-b6b7-21f5eca541b1;L0|#0c1e362bc-ba75-4c01-b6b7-21f5eca541b1|Cody Irwin;GTSet|#c31bcefc-bba8-4775-8a91-82f54b19d6e1;GPP|#93a21b23-c8e7-45c9-89aa-1864f4fcd24eCodyIrwin



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