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Growing a New Paradigm

Many of the products we use every day cause untold stress to the planet. Take clothing for example – textiles are one of the fastest growing categories of waste and the industry is responsible for staggering global carbon emissions and water pollution.

The good news is that entrepreneurs, scientists and brands worldwide are pushing the boundaries of design and manufacturing to embrace new techniques and materials that meet practical needs while reducing environmental impacts.

We welcome Suzanne Lee, fashion designer and pioneer of ‘biofabrication,’ a suite of production methods that weave together science, agriculture, design, 3D printing, gardening and even brewing. Suzanne takes us on a journey of microscopic organisms that can reinvent the way we make everything from clothes to couches to buildings.

Suzanne Lee

Spotlight on Next Generation Materils

Hear how innovation in next generation materials is moving the market. From biofabrication using ‘mushroom’ technology to using food waste for a range of products, these innovators demonstrate the daring and commitment required to reduce waste and toxics without compromising on performance and quality.

Eben Bayer, Co-Founder and CEO, Ecovative

Valerie Langer, Fiber Solutions Strategist, Canopy Planet

Next Generation Materials Moderated Discussion Panel