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Beau Lotto – We are moving through new landscapes caused by significant factors – a pandemic that has upended public health and the economy, new mobilizations to deal with disparities in lived experiences and livelihoods, and the impacts associated with climate change. As a neuroscientist and entrepreneur, Beau Lotto’s work holds important lessons for us about how to embrace uncertainty and function under conditions of unpredictability. It is not just about learning to personally be comfortable in working with unknowns – but how to create a new reality. This involves taking the unknown and identifying new certainties that can be used shift behavior of people; from decision-makers to consumers. Lotto’s work is critical for businesses and governments seeking uptake on circular economy practices, and finding solutions to climate change –there is a way in which stepping into unpredictability can actually fire and fuel remarkably new ideas and paths of action. What was once seen as the only plausible step forward can be seen for what it is – a trick of the mind – and with a change in perception, the impossible becomes possible. Lotto has used his understanding of the human brain and behavior to assist brands and governments foster creativity and innovation; can the same approach be used to accelerate the change to a circular economy?