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2018 Sessions

Materials and Design Innovation

New materials and zero waste designs. Innovations in deconstruction, recycling, repair, and reuse close the loop. What does it take to move beyond our “take-make-dispose” linear mode of thinking and into a circular model? Which innovations are redefining our relationship with stuff – designing and delivering goods in new and innovative ways, without the waste embedded in current production and consumption models? It all starts with materials and product design. Learn how inventors and pioneers in disruptive design are leading the way to the circular economy transition.

Business Model Transformation

Sweeping changes are coming to the marketplace. Circular principles bring challenges to traditional business practices, rewards for successful innovators, and a fundamental shift in the way we use the goods and services that drive our global economy. Exploring the factors bringing the biggest impacts, examining the trends still gaining momentum, and understanding the most effective ways to prosper in these exciting times – our speakers and panelists bring their creativity, experience, and vision to share with attendees.

Technology Innovation

The circular economy demands, and delivers, technological innovations on a scale not yet seen in our modern world. This pace of change is still quickening, continuing to yield unforeseen benefits and unintended consequences – from seeds of innovation planted using zero waste principles. We’ll be examining both the potential opportunities and potential pitfalls technology is creating as the circular economy grows.

Plastics Forum

Plastics are remarkably convenient, inexpensive and useful. But their durability means plastic debris is everywhere. It is choking our oceans and its animals, and potentially moving toxins up the food chain. It represents a growing loss of economic value and source of avoidable greenhouse gases. Canada and the EU’s Oceans Plastic Charter, NGO efforts and innovative businesses are aiming at circular solutions to keep plastics in the economy and out of nature. In this special session we examine which approaches are working and how circular economy trends and innovations will impact our plastic use in the future.p>

Mind Shift and Culture Change

When our systems fall out of alignment with our values, the stories we tell can bring new perspectives. Understanding the aspirations, ideals, and beliefs of our culture, examining new narratives for change, we discover the cultural triggers that manifest our highest ideals of community and stewardship – accelerating the journey to a circular economy. Throughout ZWC 2018 expect the concept of culture change and the methods for behaviour change in the general population to be a big part of our conversations.

Special Session: Food Waste

Food waste remains one of the biggest areas of waste in our society. However, this big challenge also represents a unique opportunity to foster innovation from retailers, restaurants, food processors, packaging companies, and the entire food industry. In this session we’ll see how private/public collaborations, industry initiatives, and consumer-driven trends are all playing a part in the fight against food waste and find out how the industry plans to adapt and thrive as new rules and consumer behaviour come into play.