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Lightweight and durable, plastics play an important role in our economy but they also pose a significant threat to our environment in the form of microplastics in the ocean. In response, global solutions are emerging that will keep plastics as a valuable material in our economy and out of our oceans.

Food Waste

Almost one third of the food produced is wasted. In Canada the National Zero Waste Council has developed a Food Waste Reduction Strategy to drive collaboration. How do we work collaboratively to align with global efforts? Who are the innovators, the enablers and the drivers that are transforming our relationship with food?


Global and local action to address textile waste is on the rise. From design, through use, to post-use, where are the greatest opportunities for change and what role can collaboration play? What innovations and new solutions are being embraced in the shift towards a circular economy?

Circular Cities

Cities and metropolitan regions are the epicenters of growth and innovation, offering an ideal testing ground for the application of circular economy principles and approaches. How can a circular lens help address urban challenges? Who are the pioneers and what are some early lessons learned?

Redefining the Global Marketplace

Armchair discussion between two global business leaders