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Sustainability Officer, Keilhauer AbateSustainability Officer, Keilhauer<div class="ExternalClass37256CD73A2B4BD8BCECFD5BA0843996"><p>Josephine manages all of Keilhauer’s sustainability initiatives, successfully ensuring the company achieves zero waste to landfill, reduces their carbon footprint, and works with watchdogs and NGOs to advance the commercial manufacturing industries standards towards a more sustainable future. Abate is a graduate from the University of Western Ontario, where she acquired her Masters Degree in Environment and Sustainability with a focus on EcoBusiness Zones and Corporate Sustainability. Since then, Abate’s professional focus has been reducing lifecycle impacts of manufactured items. Career highlights include introducing one of the sector’s first carbon neutral chairs, and deep supply chain management and investigation to remove prominent red-listed chemicals. Josephine has also been involved in expanding the end-of-life planning to ensure more recycled and recyclable products by 37%. Josephine has built community partnerships to support regional economics through material upcycling, targeting groups with resource and financial insecurities. She has helped Keilhauer achieve recognition as one of Canada’s Greenest Employers for 4 consecutive years. </p></div>, /speakers/SpeakersPhotos/JosephineAbate.jpgGP0|#00724fd0-881b-4a4f-87ca-08e60dea0d46;L0|#000724fd0-881b-4a4f-87ca-08e60dea0d46|Josephine Abate;GTSet|#c31bcefc-bba8-4775-8a91-82f54b19d6e1;GPP|#d4606ea2-a17f-44c9-8c88-c038bb814434JosephineAbate



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