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Co-Founder and CEO, Ecovative BayerCo-Founder and CEO, Ecovative<div class="ExternalClass7572709688E54C5CB01D4916528B6ABF"><p>Eben Bayer, Co-Founder of Ecovative Design, leads the biomaterials company to grow high performance, premium, award-winning products that are safe, healthy, and certified sustainable. Bayer, who grew up working on his family’s Vermont farm, is a pioneer in leveraging mycelium—"nature's glue”—in Mushroom® Materials to drive sustainable innovation in the industrial sector. Eben uses biology to solve important environmental challenges by leading Ecovative to grow safe and healthy new materials as well as envisioning creative ways to use natural technology at industrial scales and in consumer applications. Eben shares his vision for a future powered by biology around the world, including presentations at TED Global, PopTech, and Davos. Eben has led Ecovative to be widely recognized including as a World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer, a U.S.EPA Environmental Quality Award winner, and Buckminster Fuller Institute socially responsible design designee. Bayer is the primary inventor on more than 10 patents published in over 30 countries. In addition to overseeing the emergence of a new materials science at Ecovative, and promoting a more circular economy, Bayer is realizing his vision of building and operating an off- grid home and farm, while also exploring other creative uses of biology.</p></div>, Eben BayerGP0|#61614abe-17f4-4e47-ac56-442b1939d535;L0|#061614abe-17f4-4e47-ac56-442b1939d535|Eben Bayer;GTSet|#c31bcefc-bba8-4775-8a91-82f54b19d6e1;GPP|#d4606ea2-a17f-44c9-8c88-c038bb814434EbenBayer



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