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Founder and Managing Director, The Spent Goods Company ChandraFounder and Managing Director, The Spent Goods Company<div class="ExternalClassA395C5EF2D054BEDB7B2AF9F3E7618CC"><p>​Dihan started his first social enterprise, <a href="" target="_blank">Organic Lifestyle</a>, to focus on promoting non-toxic alternatives for the home such as organic pillows, linens and mattresses. </p><p>While researching whether his dog’s poo could be used to generate energy to power his house instead of having to pick it up, he was inspired by solutions that made revenue from plastic pollution, cementing his belief that practical solutions to reducing waste while generating profits are within our reach.</p><p>One night at his local pub Dihan asked the question we’ve all been too shy to ask: What happens to all the grain used to make beer?<br>After learning that most spent grain, especially from smaller breweries, ends up in landfills, The Spent Goods Company was born.</p><p>2 years later, Spent Goods has fed over 39K families, offset 1.6 Tons of equivalent CO2, partnered with 17 different local businesses, and directly contributed to 10 new jobs.<br> </p></div>, /speakers/SpeakersPhotos/DihanChandra.jpgGP0|#265af700-ee34-4822-bbe9-3f264259dfed;L0|#0265af700-ee34-4822-bbe9-3f264259dfed|Dihan Chandra;GTSet|#c31bcefc-bba8-4775-8a91-82f54b19d6e1;GPP|#d4606ea2-a17f-44c9-8c88-c038bb814434DihanChandra



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