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Former CEO, Federation of Canadian Municipalities CarltonFormer CEO, Federation of Canadian Municipalities<div class="ExternalClass19CF63AF93D14CCDB7017696FCDD8050"><p>Brock Carlton recently retired after 13 yeas as CEO of Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM).  Brock was a leading voice in supporting the need to build strong cities and communities as a means of solving local and national challenges. As CEO, Brock led a strong staff and a united membership in advancing municipal interests by influencing both federal government decisions and national debates on issues critical to communities. Under Brock’s tenure, FCM became one of the most influential organizations in Canada, influencing federal policy decisions and spending on such issues as infrastructure, affordable housing and homelessness, environment and climate change, broadband access and public transit.</p><p>Brock also played a leadership role in the global municipal movement as Secretary General of the North American Section of the United Cities and Local Governments. He has been a speaker and panelist representing Canadian municipal perspectives and experiences at numerous international events, domestic conferences and in the media. </p><p>Prior to being CEO, Brock was involved in international cooperation, managing projects engaging Canadian and overseas partners focused on municipal management, environmental management, social service delivery and good governance in such diverse places as Gaza, the Czech Republic, East and Southern Africa and Guyana.  He lived in Kenya (1981-2), China (1983) and Namibia (1991).  </p><p>He has recently completed a course on empathic leadership and is committed to using his years of experience to help build strong effective leaders for social change and good environmental stewardship. He is an avid paddler, skier and cyclist, and enjoys time with his wife and 3 adult children.<br></p></div><div class="ExternalClass19CF63AF93D14CCDB7017696FCDD8050"><p><br></p></div>, Chris HendersonGP0|#4b3a3ed5-bef9-4841-a821-ca8f4f53bf41;L0|#04b3a3ed5-bef9-4841-a821-ca8f4f53bf41|Brock Carlton;GTSet|#c31bcefc-bba8-4775-8a91-82f54b19d6e1;GPP|#d4606ea2-a17f-44c9-8c88-c038bb814434BrockCarlton



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