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Environmental Partnership Manager, Subaru CooganEnvironmental Partnership Manager, Subaru<div class="ExternalClassFDFAA6B833EC405C89A042A9FE45320A"><p>​​Denise Coogan (MA in Sustainable Development/Policy) is recognized as a leading zero landfill expert. She leads the company’s external environmental and sustainability programs, which include Subaru’s initiative to bring zero landfill to the national parks. </p><p> During her tenure at Subaru Indiana Automotive (SIA) as Safety and Environmental Compliance Manager, Denise headed the plant’s zero landfill effort, which was achieved with the last waste shipment going to the landfill in May 2004. Because of her efforts, SIA is one of the most environmentally friendly auto manufacturing facilities in the world. Throughout her time at SIA, Denise advised more than 800 corporations on how to implement zero landfill best practices in their respective facilities. </p><p> Denise holds professional certifications as a Registered Environmental Manager (REM) and a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM). Her master’s thesis laid out the path a company needs to take to achieve zero landfill. </p></div>, /speakers/SpeakerPhotos2019/DeniseCoogan.jpgGP0|#9e2c57b5-594e-4749-aa00-c39f8fd0de57;L0|#09e2c57b5-594e-4749-aa00-c39f8fd0de57|Denise Coogan;GTSet|#c31bcefc-bba8-4775-8a91-82f54b19d6e1;GPP|#aac3d08f-1bc4-4171-a4bd-845a5d486d10DeniseCoogan



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