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Senior Design Lead, Design for Change, IDEO ThomSenior Design Lead, Design for Change, IDEO<div class="ExternalClassFC245D9AB21A4C17B5CE429AA9570CCA"><p>Rhys Thom is an Organizational Designer and Senior Design Lead at IDEO, focused on helping clients and their companies harness creativity and the tools of design in order to be future fit. Rhys partners with leaders, organizations, NGOs, cities, and even countries to tackle complex challenges through design, spanning a range of topics from circular economy, to urban development, healthcare, and financial services. Together with his clients, Rhys designs the systems, tools, and behaviors that help organizations adapt and routinely innovate. During his time at IDEO, Rhys has co-led an innovation lab in Peru designing solutions for the country's emerging middle class, helped to design a scalable disaster response network that connects and mobilizes veterans across continents, co-founded IDEO's Circular Economy CoLab, and guided leaders of global companies on their journeys to build design and purpose-led organizations.</p><p>Prior to IDEO, he spent seven years at the World Resources Institute (WRI), a global sustainability think tank in Washington, D.C. There, Rhys was the Director of Information and Innovation for EMBARQ, the organization's center for sustainable transport and urban development. He helped to establish and grow EMBARQ's global network of organizations, working with cities and national governments around the world to design sustainable solutions for urban mobility. He also helped cultivate innovative partnerships with organizations like FedEx, Volkswagen, Caterpillar, Bloomberg Philanthropies, and Forum for the Future. Rhys served as the founding editor of TheCityFix, a website dedicated to sustainable urban design and transportation that was named one of the top 50 eco-blogs in the world by The Guardian.</p></div>, Rhys ThomGP0|#7c7ec03c-326d-4eca-80ce-64b2a29118f9;L0|#07c7ec03c-326d-4eca-80ce-64b2a29118f9|Rhys Thom;GTSet|#c31bcefc-bba8-4775-8a91-82f54b19d6e1;GPP|#2cc199a1-d60b-4e96-a498-1af734dde9a6RhysThom



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