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President & CEO PAC Packaging Consortium, Vice Chair National Zero Waste Council D DownhamPresident & CEO PAC Packaging Consortium, Vice Chair National Zero Waste Council<div class="ExternalClass3B31AF212C4C4B5BA597BE337C4238A6"><p>​Jim Downham is a former package manufacturing CEO. Currently he is the CEO of PAC Packaging Consortium and Chairman of LeaderLinx, executive recruiter serving leading packaging companies. Jim is the Vice Chairman of the National Zero Waste Council.</p><p>In 2014 Jim was inducted into the Packaging Hall of Fame; he is a Passionate Sustainability, Circular Economy and Brand Design Leader. Jim is a member of the 2018 Packaging Hall of Fame Commission.</p><p>PAC Packaging Consortium is a nonprofit association that serves global client partners across the packaging value chain to achieve their business objectives. Under Jim's leadership PAC has created several packaging programs including PAC NEXT and PAC FOOD Sustainability Programs; the IFS PAC secure globally recognized food packaging safety standard; intelliPACK, A Smart Packaging Innovation Catalyst; the PAC GLOBAL LEADERSHIP AWARDS and the PACed Certificate Program. </p><p>Jim serves on various packaging nonprofit boards and supports students through packaging design competitions and scholarships.   </p></div>, Jim DownhamGP0|#0abd5541-3210-4170-a468-ef0ced2be588;L0|#00abd5541-3210-4170-a468-ef0ced2be588|James D Downham;GTSet|#c31bcefc-bba8-4775-8a91-82f54b19d6e1;GPP|#2cc199a1-d60b-4e96-a498-1af734dde9a6James DDownham



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