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IT Architect, Cognitive Business Decision Support, IBM Services MillerIT Architect, Cognitive Business Decision Support, IBM Services<div class="ExternalClassD63243C12985484893F0D5C3AE8CC7FA"><p>​Delivering solutions for IBMs multi-national clients who are focused on becoming digital, Garnet works with both new and established companies who are using innovation to be disruptors to the norms and methods of business in their industry.  Digital business models, focused on customer experience require new innovations in products and the making and delivery of producst and services.  Garnet works with his clients to create a Customer Experience that meets expectations and new innovations and big ideas are the underpinning of these business models.  </p><p>At IBM in Vancouver, Garnet works with IBMs global solution centres in Agriculture, Oil & Gas, Minning, and Mental Health Providers using AI & Machine Learning, Big Data, and Cloud solutions to solve modern business problems.    When he's not at work Garnet enjoys outdoor activities.</p></div>,|#ea6e3830-6ff3-4dd6-8ae7-ae71a7c17737;L0|#0ea6e3830-6ff3-4dd6-8ae7-ae71a7c17737|Garnet Miller;GTSet|#c31bcefc-bba8-4775-8a91-82f54b19d6e1;GPP|#2cc199a1-d60b-4e96-a498-1af734dde9a6GarnetMiller



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