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A Future without Waste

Innovation in Policy, Innovation in Practice


November 3, 2016

Conference Host: Malcolm Brodie, Chair, Metro Vancouver Zero Waste Committee and Chair, National Zero Waste Council

Lunch from 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm.

8:30 am Welcoming/Opening Remarks
  • Jonathan Wilkinson MP, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Representing Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau
  • Jordan Sturdy, Parliamentary Secretary for Energy Literacy and the Environment to the Minister of Environment of British Columbia
  • Jim McKay, General Manager of Solid Waste Management Services, City of Toronto coming in from Toronto Satellite Event
  • Greg Moore, Chair, Metro Vancouver Board of Directors
9:00 am OPENING KEYNOTE - Design by nature, revolutionary innovation at the edge

At the intersection of science and art, this world renowned designer offers new and disruptive ways of working with materials, taking us beyond biomimicry to material ecology . . . away from consuming nature as a geological resource to editing it as a biological one. Advancing innovation at the edge, Neri brings the future to life – pushing us to visualize a regenerative economy, and offering inspiration for how products and systems could be redesigned without waste.


Moderator: Kathryn Gretsinger, Journalist and Professor

9:45 am Innovation in the Marketplace

From rethinking material inputs to scaling transformative business models, learn how the circular economy is transforming the marketplace – offering opportunities to eliminate waste while enhancing competitiveness. What innovations are redefining our relationship with stuff – delivering goods and services in new and innovative ways without the waste embedded in current production and consumption patterns? What is driving businesses to innovate? How do we support innovation in the marketplace? Five business pioneers share their stories in this TEDx-style session and panel.


Moderator: Stephanie Bertels, Director, Centre for Corporate Governance & Sustainability, Beedie School of Business

11:00 am BREAK
11:15 am Food Waste - A call for national action

Hosted by the National Zero Waste Council

Food waste in Canada accounts for more than $31 billion dollars in lost revenue, almost 200,000 tons of food in landfills, and about 2% of the national greenhouse gas inventory. How do we change this picture? How can we align with other policy leaders around the world to join in global action? How can we reclaim the nutritious food we lose, and build resiliency, a stable economy and a healthy environment?

Special Announcement

Spark Talk

  • Toine Timmermans, Program Manager, Sustainable Food Chains, Wageningen University, and Coordinator, EU Fusions: Food Use for Social Innovation by Optimising Waste Prevention Strategies (The Netherlands)


  • Scott Tudor, Director of Sustainability, Sobeys, and Representative, Consumer Goods Forum
  • Bob Long, Federation of Canadian Municipalities, NZWC Board Member
  • Darby Hoover, Senior Food & Agriculture Specialist, Natural Resource Defense Council
  • John Lillard, R&D Project Leader, Innovation Team, Campbell Company of Canada

Moderator: Greg Moore, Chair, Metro Vancouver Board of Directors


12:45 pm Presentation - Open IDEO Food Waste Challenge
1:00 pm LUNCH
2:00 pm Repair and Reuse - Challenging obsolescence through design + behaviour change

Repair and reuse is a radical act in our modern world, with vast innovation potential tied to rethinking how we use and consume goods to keep goods in useful life for longer. Designing products for repair and reuse and, encouraging a culture of repair and reuse can drive waste prevention and a people-centred circular economy at scale. From redesigning products and traditional business models, supporting behaviour change campaigns aimed at how consumers use goods, to addressing challenges related to resale value and skills development - how do we scale a repair and reuse revolution where reuse is more common than replace?


  • Tony Shumpert, Vice President, Recycling and Reuse, Value Village, and Circular Economy Working Group Member, National Zero Waste Council
  • Michal Len, Director, RREUSE (EU)
  • Ryan Dyment, Executive Director, Institute for a Resource-Based Economy
  • Shelagh Kerr, President and CEO, Electronics Product Stewardship Canada

Moderator: Vanessa Timmer, Co-Founder and Executive Director, One Earth and Board Member, National Zero Waste Council

3:00 pm Tribute to Our Friend Bing Thom

Architect and Urban Designer 'building beyond buildings'

3:05 pm The Built Environment

Buildings are material intensive, demanding over half the world’s extracted materials and generating roughly one third of waste globally as well as here in Metro Vancouver. What can be gained by applying circular economy principles to this sector - preventing waste and shifting practice?


  • Clint Undseth, Vice President, Innovation, Stuart Olson Inc.
  • Sudhir Suri, Senior Architect & Partner, L’OEUF Architects
  • Josh Taron, Professor, Co-Leader of the Laboratory for Integrative Design, University of Calgary and Principal, Synthetiques

Moderator: Trevor Boddy, critic and curator of contemporary architecture

  • The Honourable Joyce Murray, Parliamentary Secretary to the President of the Treasury Board, Government of Canada’s commitment to a cleaner and more sustainable economy.
  • Edward Schwarz, General Manager of the LafargeHolcim Foundation, 5th International LafargeHolcim Awards for Sustainable Construction projects
4:15 pm Closing Keynote: Circular Innovation and Business Leadership in the Netherlands

In 2016 the Netherlands jumped into the international spotlight with plans to become a national circular economy hotspot, and the Delta Development Group has been there from the start as a foundational partner and business leader. As Head of Innovation and Sustainability, Owen Zachariasse will speak about the implementation of Cradle-to-Cradle and circular economy into the award winning Park 20I20 project and its groundbreaking neighboring development referred to as “the Valley”. Envisioned as a living lab that demonstrates circular organizations, processes and activities - and the flagship for the national hotspot initiative - the Valley, once developed, will be a blueprint for large scale transition to a circular economy, bringing together businesses, academia, government and finance to incubate new circular solutions.

  • Owen Zachariasse, Innovation and Sustainability, Delta Development Group, The Netherlands

Moderator: Raymond Louie, Vice-Chair, Metro Vancouver Board of Directors

4:45 pm Closing Remarks / Key Themes and Takeaways 
  • Malcolm Brodie, Chair, Metro Vancouver Zero Waste Committee and Chair, National Zero Waste Council
  • Robyn Shyllit, Senior Public Consultation Coordinator, City of Toronto coming in from Toronto Satellite Event
5:00 pm Networking Reception

Unwind and connect with the speakers, panelists and delegates.

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