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Co-founder & VP, Harvest Power DavisCo-founder & VP, Harvest Power<div class="ExternalClass2D895E867EBE453B88B7C13BF5C2AE92"><p>​Wayne H. Davis is a Co-Founder of Harvest Power Inc. and Vice President for Government and Regulatory Affairs.   Through its Harvest Fraser Richmond Organics and Urban Woodwaste units, Harvest recycles more of the Lower Mainland's organic wastes than any other company, producing a range of nutrient-rich soil and compost products and renewable power.  Mr. Davis is past Chairman of the Board of the American Biogas Council, a 200+ member organization promoting anaerobic digestion and the biogas industry.  He also helped shape public policy around organics recycling and renewable energy production in the Vancouver region, California, New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.  Before joining Harvest, Wayne was co-founder and General Counsel of Backyard Farms, LLC of Madison, Maine and Chief Compliance Officer for Fidelity Brokerage Company.  Wayne graduated from both Harvard Law School and Williams College.</p></div>, Wayne H. DavisGP0|#58f4de33-5956-4319-84bb-7bf1679a8d40;L0|#058f4de33-5956-4319-84bb-7bf1679a8d40|Wayne Davis;GTSet|#c31bcefc-bba8-4775-8a91-82f54b19d6e1;GPP|#ea902729-61f1-408c-8103-72cacb675a7bWayneDavis

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