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Councillor, City of Toronto LaytonCouncillor, City of Toronto<div class="ExternalClassDA5B52915E744C81920D76E56EAA570C">Before being elected on October 25, 2010 to serve as one of Toronto’s youngest Councillors, Mike worked for political change from the other side of the table, as an environmental leader and community organizer. As Deputy Outreach Director for Environmental Defence, one of Canada’s leading environmental groups, he championed a variety of successful initiatives including the Green Energy and Green Economy Act, green building standards, water conservation and source water protection. Mike holds a LEEDs Accreditation (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), in addition to earning a Masters in Environmental Studies, with a focus on citizen participation in urban planning. These qualifications followed his BA in Political Science and Environmental Management</div>, Mike LaytonGP0|#13697c69-2ece-4599-92b2-82b3c3051fb1;L0|#013697c69-2ece-4599-92b2-82b3c3051fb1|Mike Layton;GTSet|#c31bcefc-bba8-4775-8a91-82f54b19d6e1;GPP|#ea902729-61f1-408c-8103-72cacb675a7b<div class="ExternalClass083153D8492B47A19758682F5E1DF6A8"><p>...championed a variety of successful sustainability initiatives...</p></div>MikeLayton

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