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Director, Cities and Tools, Circle Economy (the Netherlands) KrukDirector, Cities and Tools, Circle Economy (the Netherlands) <div class="ExternalClass433C9CD1FAA849C5BC73DB8A27BE8029"><p>A change manager that specializes in the circular economy, Klaske Kruk leads the Cities Programme at Circle Economy – a member-based cooperative in the Netherlands that creates industrial systems that are restorative by design - decoupling growth and resource needs.  In this capacity, Klaske leads the Amsterdam project and is the Programme Manager for the tooling team, currently working on the digitisation of a new business model assessment tool (Assessing Circular Trade-offs or ACT), the Circularity Assessment Tool (CAT) and the Circulator (an online marketplace for waste streams).  Klaske has many years of experience working with different corporations – leading sustainable business programs and working in the area of international sustainability and development aid. Klaske strongly believes that the circular economy provides the answer for our challenges ahead - presenting us with sustainable business models and smart innovations (e.g. biomimicry) that will create jobs. Klaske wants to development useful concepts to improve the world in a creative and tangible way.</p><br></div>,|#5ed202e9-22f6-4250-92c6-769734cdfc8d;L0|#05ed202e9-22f6-4250-92c6-769734cdfc8d|Klaske Kruk;GTSet|#c31bcefc-bba8-4775-8a91-82f54b19d6e1;GPP|#ea902729-61f1-408c-8103-72cacb675a7bKlaskeKruk

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