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Senior Lead, Circular Economy, Sitra, Finland HerleviSenior Lead, Circular Economy, Sitra, Finland<div class="ExternalClassC33D1CF8705548919273797DA3D231CF"><p>Kari is currently leading the circular economy area at Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund.</p><p>Circular economy area is one of the four focus areas of Sitra under the Carbon neutral and resource wise society.</p><p>Kari was previously responsible for the Resource efficient economy area in Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation. Kari managed the Green Growth – Towards a sustainable future - program in Tekes, which aimed to identify potential new growth areas for the sustainable economy business, which are essentially based on lower energy consumption and sustainable use of natural resources. The program's focus areas were energy and material efficient products and services, bioeconomy and biomaterials, recycling, recovery of raw materials, waste treatment, business models, service concepts and comprehensive solutions. Total funding of the program was over 100 million euros. Previously Kari led the Vigo accelerator program in Tekes and supported Tekes management. Kari has also worked in Tekes Silicon Valley office for couple of years and his special interest is circular economy, fast growing cleantech firms and developing countries like BRIC.</p></div>,|#b57a0d6f-8cdb-482e-8b11-ccacb9f6c66d;L0|#0b57a0d6f-8cdb-482e-8b11-ccacb9f6c66d|Kari Herlevi;GTSet|#c31bcefc-bba8-4775-8a91-82f54b19d6e1;GPP|#ea902729-61f1-408c-8103-72cacb675a7b<div class="ExternalClassB5F88E18EA914DEB9F725BB4859FE954"><p>​...aimed to identify potential new growth areas for the sustainable economy business...</p></div>KariHerlevi

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