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Author, The Waste Not, Want Not Cookbook ChavichAuthor, The Waste Not, Want Not Cookbook<div class="ExternalClass3CA206A746EC420BB85BC3CBE674911A"><p>​Cinda Chavich is a freelance food writer and the author of six cookbooks includingThe Girl Can't Cook, The Guy Can't Cook and The Waste Not, Want Not Cookbook. She is a strong believer in sustainable, local foods and ecotourism, and champions cooking with what you have. Find out more <a href="">@TasteReporter</a>.</p></div>,|#b48b21e0-9b51-4ca6-a24f-f91be80c2e95;L0|#0b48b21e0-9b51-4ca6-a24f-f91be80c2e95|Cinda Chavich;GTSet|#c31bcefc-bba8-4775-8a91-82f54b19d6e1;GPP|#ea902729-61f1-408c-8103-72cacb675a7bCindaChavich

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