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Conference Host: Malcolm Brodie , Chair, Metro Vancouver Zero Waste Committee
7:30 am Registration Opens
8:30 am Welcoming Remarks
  • Greg Moore, Chair, Metro Vancouver Board of Directors
  • The Honourable Mary Polak, BC Minister of Environment
8:45 am Morning Keynote The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is an independent charity inspiring a generation to re-think, re-design & build a positive future through the vision of a circular economy.

The last 150 years of industrial evolution have been dominated by a one-way, linear model of production and consumption where goods are manufactured, sold, used and discarded as waste. This model has been exceptionally successful in providing affordable products to consumers and material prosperity to billions. Yet, in the face of sharp price increases, more volatility and signs of resource depletion, the call for a new economic paradigm is getting louder. The time is right, due to an unprecedented combination of contextual factors and enabling technologies, to harness the potential of a 'circular' model which takes insights from living systems where we design out waste, build resilience through diversity and work towards using energy from renewable sources . Ellen will examine the fundamentals of the model, take a look at the economic opportunities it offers, and zoom in on a selection of case studies highlighting its application.

Derek Corrigan, Vice-Chair, Metro Vancouver Zero Waste Committee, and Mayor, City of Burnaby
9:15 am Supply Chain Innovations - Six Champions, Six Stories

How can we scale up, replicate and integrate supply chain success stories?
In a dynamic TEDx style format presenters will share their success stories for reducing and preventing waste at different points in the supply chain. A moderated discussion will follow, where the supply chain champions will consider feedback from the audience and offer insight on how to move from isolated success stories to broader uptake and mainstreaming of best practices.
  • Laurel Miller, Creative Director and Joint Owner of a.m. associates, and Co-author, Why Shrink Wrap a Cucumber?
  • John Coyne, Vice President, Legal & External Affairs and General Counsel, Unilever Canada Inc.
  • Alain Brandon, Director of Government Relations and CSR, Loblaw Companies Limited
  • André LaRivière, Chef and Foodservice Consultant
  • Michael Doyle, Executive Vice President and GM Rogers Arena, Canucks Sports & Entertainment
  • Greg Moore, Chair, Metro Vancouver Board of Directors
Moderator: Alan Blake, Executive Director, PAC NEXT
10:45 am BREAK
11:00 am Love Food Hate Waste: A Global Campaign Against Food Waste

Love Food Hate Waste is a globally recognized consumer campaign aimed at addressing food waste spearheaded by the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) in the UK. Learn about this campaign, as well as the other ways WRAP is helping businesses and individuals reap the benefits of reducing waste, developing sustainable products and using resources in an efficient way.

Moderator: Andrea Reimer, Director, Metro Vancouver Zero Waste Committee, and Councillor, City of Vancouver

11:40 am Just Eat It: A Food Waste Journey

Set to be released in Spring 2014, Just Eat It is a documentary that looks at the systemic obsession with expiry dates, perfect produce and portion sizes. Get a sneak peak of the movie and hear the personal journey of a couple that pledged to survive only on food that would otherwise be thrown out.

Moderator: Andrea Reimer, Director, Metro Vancouver Zero Waste Committee, and Councillor, City of Vancouver

12:00 pm Developments Worth Noting
12:30 pm LUNCH
1:30 pm Afternoon Keynote
  • Dr. Michael Braungart, Founder and Scientific CEO of EPEA Internationale Umweltforschung GmbH, in Hamburg; Academic chair for Cradle to Cradle® Innovation & Quality at the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM); and Co-Author of "Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things"

Moderator: Michael Goeres, Executive Director, Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment

2:15 pm The Art and Science of Zero Waste

From imagination through to invention and innovation, artists and academics often work at the frontier of change. A cross-disciplinary panel of experts will discuss and debate how to create opportunities that catalyze the transition to a world without waste.

Moderator: Colin Isaacs , Sustainable Development Consultant, CIAL Group

3:00 pm Launching Canada’s National Zero Waste Council (NZWC)

Canada united in the achievement of zero waste, now and for future generations

The National Zero Waste Council is a cross-sectoral leadership initiative bringing together leaders from government, business, and non-government organizations to advance a national waste prevention and reduction agenda in Canada. With a focus on influencing behaviour and improving product design and packaging, the National Zero Waste Council aims to unite efforts in waste prevention and drive a fundamental shift in our relationship with waste.

A selection of Council founding members share their perspectives.

  • Alan Blake, Executive Director, PAC NEXT
  • David Lawes, Manager, Waste Prevention, BC Ministry of Environment, and Co-Chair CCME Waste Task Group
  • Shelley Carroll, City Councillor, Ward 33, City of Toronto
  • Michael Buda, Director of Policy and Research, Federation of Canadian Municipalities
Moderator and Introduction to the Council: Malcolm Brodie , NZWC Chair and Chair, Metro Vancouver Zero Waste Committee
3:30 pm “Counsel your Council”
Engage with NZWC members, provide feedback, and help set an agenda for change.

Moderator: Greg Moore, Chair, Metro Vancouver Board of Directors
4:15 pm Closing Remarks

Malcolm Brodie , Chair, Metro Vancouver Zero Waste Committee
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm National Zero Waste Council Reception

Celebrate the National Zero Waste Council launch

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