2022 Zero Waste Conference
A Future Without Waste:
Regenerative and waste-free by design

September 28 & 29
Vancouver, BC

It’s a Wrap! Thank you to all the attendees and speakers who joined us for the 2022 Zero Waste Conference!

Lineup of Speakers

Thank you to all our attendees for a successful and inspiring ZWC 2022.
See you next year!

2022 Themes


Stories inspire us and stir us to action. They create an emotional connection, bring people together, allow us to see different perspectives. It is through stories that personal and social transformation begins.


In a circular economy, designing out waste means expanding our concepts of what is to be valued our economic system – resources, nature and communities.


Preventing waste, tackling climate change and addressing inequities requires new tools, including business models, designed to grapple with these challenges. Transforming the way we do business, including investing to accelerate solutions, are essential.

The Zero Waste Conference is a curated program of thought-leaders and change-makers who provoke new thinking and present new solutions around preventing waste, advancing a circular economy, and taking action on climate change. Nowhere else in Canada can this constellation of innovation and creativity, intentional leadership, radical imagination and practical implementation be found. This year, our conference embraces the urgent call for ensuring nature and communities can thrive: A Future without Waste: regenerative and waste-free by design.

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