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2021 Zero Waste Conference

Vancouver, October 28

Last year’s conference brought together the change makers who are designing out waste and creating new economic opportunities opening the doors to a more inclusive prosperity.

We invite you to explore last year’s conference presenters and get ready for ZWC 2021! ‘Session Videos’.


Resiliency, Prosperity, Carbon Neutrality - the Circular Economy Solution

For 10 years, the Zero Waste Conference has been at the forefront of Canada’s circular economy journey bringing together thought leaders, innovators and change makers, surfacing some of the best ideas from the past while presenting pioneering solutions that take us to a future we’ve only begun to dare dream is possible.

As the world faces unprecedented challenges, we are more committed than ever to accelerating the transition to a circular and zero waste economy, creating solutions that combine economic opportunity with benefits to wider society and the environment.

2020 Conference Overview


The Zero Waste Conference is proud to be sponsored by:

Canadian Stewardship Services Alliance