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Thank you for attending Metro Vancouver’s 2015 Zero Waste Conference! Please take 5 minutes to answer a brief set of questions on your conference experience. You will be helping us build an even better conference for next year’s participants. Thank you.

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1. What sector do you represent?

If other, please specify:

2. Have you attended the conference in previous years?

3. How did you hear about the 2015 Zero Waste Conference?

If other, please specify

4. Please provide us with your overall thoughts and opinions about the conference.

Conference Program

5. Please rate the following conference program elements:

Themes and topics

Program timing and session formats

Speakers and moderators

Pigeonhole software for questions and discussion

6. What did you like most about the conference program? (i.e., favorite topics, speakers, or conference elements)

7. Any other suggestions and comments on the conference program?

Conference Planning and Logistics

Registration and check-In

Catering and food

Conference venue

Conference website

Conference blog

Video conference of speakers

Overall value of the conference

9. Any other suggestions and comments on conference planning and logistics?

Looking to Next Year

10. What changes would you propose to enhance the conference program?

11. What topics and sessions would you recommend for next year’s conference, or other outreach and engagement on zero waste throughout the year?

12. Would you come again next year?

13. Would you recommend this conference to a colleague?

14. Please rate your overall conference experience.